Autographed copy of my short stories collection. This collection includes a Patty and Mo story that is not available on the site!

LA Lovers - The Short Stories: Volume One

  • A collection of short stories featuring
    the women you've grown to love.

    From girls' night shenanigans to holiday
    parties, Moves and Grooves, the ladies will
    keep you entertained!

    Join Ellie, Hunter, Jessie, Blaise, Piper,
    Rebecca, Cass, Eve, Lainey, Patty, Mo, Dani,
    Claire, and Aunt Wills as these short stories
    give you more insight into their close knit
    circle of friends.

    Includes an all new, never before published short story.


Jourdyn Kelly Author

© 2020 Jourdyn Kelly

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