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Committed Part 2

They walked hand in hand out of the building, only to be suddenly bombarded by press. What in the hell? Jasmin thought as questions were being barked out from every direction.


"Mrs. LeRoy! What do you say to Kurt's allegations that you're cheating on him with a woman?"


"Mrs. LeRoy, how romantic is it that Kurt came back for his muse?"


"Mrs. LeRoy . . . "


"Flemming!" Anni yelled loudly. "Her name is Flemming! And, just leave us the hell alone!"


"Are you the one she's cheating with?"


Anni put her arm around Jasmin, guiding her through the sea of flashing bulbs and recorders thrust in their faces.


"Mrs. LeRoy! Are you using this lesbian relationship to get back at Kurt for his alleged cheating?"


"Will you be uploading a sex tape of you and your lesbian lover?"


The questions kept pounding in Jasmin's head while her body was being jostled by people clamoring to get a reaction out of her. The only thing keeping her sane at the moment was the weight of Anni's arms around her.


"Mrs. LeRoy, will you be accompanying your husband on his promotional tour?"


"Wait. Stop, Anni."


"No, Jasmin. Come on."


"Wait!" She stopped abruptly and faced the crowd. "Are you even interested in my answers?" She yelled over the chaos.


"Jasmin, it's not worth it, come on," Anni pleaded.


"No. Sweetie, I'm not going to let them do this to us. I know you don't like hearing them call me Kurt's wife. I don't like it either." She leaned closer to whisper in Anni's ear. "Let me just make one statement and then we'll go. I promise. I know you hate this, baby, but I can't let Kurt get away with this."


Anni studied Jasmin for a moment, then nodded. No, she didn't like this attention shit, but she would support Jasmin.


"What do you have to say, Mrs. LeRoy?"


Jasmin glared at the reporter. "First of all, my name is Flemming. I'm no longer LeRoy. Kurt and I have been divorced for over a year now. He needs to get over it. I am in love with a woman. I did not cheat. And, I am not going on tour or anywhere else with Kurt. We are done. I'm no longer his muse. He needs to move on. I have."


With that, Jasmin grabbed Anni's hand and walked away. She knew that the press would follow and keep hounding them, but she had said what she needed to say, and was done.


Finally they reached their destination, and pushed their way into Vereinsheim, slamming the door behind them, effectively shutting out the rest of the world.


"Shit!" Anni leaned on the door, trying to catch her breath. "I guess we know what Kurt's up to."


"He's such an ass," Jasmin spat angrily.


"What's going on out there?" Tuner stood on his toes, trying to peer out the door.


"Fucking press." Anni was not happy. Mrs. Fucking LeRoy. That son of a bitch! He knows damn well they're not married anymore.




Jasmin's soft voice cut through Anni's angry thoughts. One look at the beautiful face with the worried expression, and Anni melted. She hugged

Jasmin to her, smiling when the hug was immediately returned.


"What do they want?"


Tuner's question brought back some of Anni's tension, and Jasmin rubbed her back lovingly to try and keep her calm.


"Kurt set this up," Jasmin answered flatly.




"Because he wants Jasmin back." Anni fought to keep her emotions in check. Just the thought of Kurt putting Jasmin through this was enough to set her off. She had never been more happy about the fact that Jasmin no longer wanted that lifestyle. Being in the press, being famous. None of that mattered to her lover anymore, and that was a blessing to Anni. Especially now. There was no risk of Jasmin leaving her to be in the spotlight again.


"If he thought this would work, he's an idiot. That's not the life for me," Jasmin said, unwittingly echoing Anni's thoughts. She shivered at the thought that the press was out there now, waiting for her. How she ever saw the appeal in that life, she doesn't know. It brought her nothing but heartache.


"Thank you for your statement, baby."


"No need to thank me, sweetie. It's the truth." Jasmin rubbed her nose to Anni's, patting her on the backside. "Want some coffee?"


"Yes, please," Anni answered desperately. Caffeine was exactly what she needed. And, perhaps a huge hose to spray the press down with. Maybe that would cool them off. It certainly would do wonders for Anni's mood.


"I have to call Sophie. I'm supposed to go over to MT after my shift here. If they're still out there, I don't know if I'm going to make it." Jasmin prepared Anni's coffee expertly, setting it in front of her brooding girlfriend. "You'll be careful when you go out with Ayla, right?"


"Oh, no. I'm not going anywhere. I'm not leaving your side."


"Anni, sweetie, you made plans with Ayla. Don't let them ruin it," Jasmin gestured with an angry flick of her hand to the offending crowd.


"I'll call Ayla. She'll understand. Man, Jasmin, I don't want you alone!"


"Baby, I'm not alone. I'm going to stay here. Tuner is here, Dominik is coming." She glanced at Tuner for reassurance, continuing when he nodded. "I won't go anywhere until you get back. I promise."


"What if they come in here?" Anni was almost whining, she knew, but the thought of leaving Jasmin with these vultures circling just didn't feel right.


"We'll take care of it," Tuner assured her.


"Tuner, you need to take it easy, man," Anni argued.


"I will. I am. I'll get Dominik to do all the ass kicking," he smirked.


Jasmin skirted the bar to stand next to the woman she loved. "Hey. I'll be okay. I'm more worried about you being out there with them. On second thought, maybe you shouldn't go." The more Jasmin thought about it, the more she didn't want Anni to leave. Not for her sake, but for Anni's.


"I can handle it." Anni warred with herself. She really wanted to go shopping for Jasmin, but it just didn't seem to be the right time now. She laughed at both herself and Jasmin for their inability to make up their minds on the subject. "We're a pair, aren't we? Go, don't go."


"I think we make the perfect pair." Jasmin wound her arms around Anni's neck, pulling her in for a lingering kiss. "What do you want to do?" she asked, slightly breathless from their kiss.


Anni sighed. "You won't leave?" Jasmin shook her head. "Will you call me if something happens?" Nod. "I think they'll leave me alone. If not, I can just lose them. I won't be long, okay? I'll definitely be back before end of shift for you. Do you think Sophie will let you skip today?"


"I can ask her. I can always work on articles at home, so it shouldn't be a problem. Hang on." Jasmin dug her phone out of her leather jacket, dialing Sophie's number. "Soph? Hey, it's Jasmin. I . . . what? Shit, they're there, too? Yeah, they were waiting for us when we walked out of the building." Jasmin paused to listen. "No, that's why I was calling. Would it be okay if I worked on that article from home? . . . I don't know what he's trying to prove . . . no, I haven't spoken to Katrin since she stormed out of my house . . . wait, she what? Are you sure?" A heavy sigh came from Jasmin, and she rubbed her temple that was beginning to throb. "I'm really sorry about this . . . I know, but . . . Okay, thanks. I'll call you later, okay?"


Anni waited patiently - okay, impatiently, but she still waited - for Jasmin to end the call. "What's going on?"


"The press is at MT as well, trying to get 'exclusive interviews' with the staff there. Great. Most of those people don't even like me. I can just imagine what they have to say."


"What about your mother?" Anni asked, trying to get Jasmin back on track with their conversation.


"Hmm? Oh! Sophie thinks Katrin is working with Kurt. As in, she's his new PR person."


"No shit?" Anni was stunned by the news, though she didn't know why she should be.


"No shit. She says it's just speculation at this point, but her sources are pretty reliable."


"I guess that explains what she's getting out of this," Anni muttered hotly.


"Guess so. But I still don't understand what I have to do with all of this. Kurt has been doing this on his own, and I'm sure he's been doing just fine."


"Added press?" Tuner suggested, startling the women. They had forgotten he was there. Though, technically, Jasmin should be working right now, and Tuner is the one covering her ass.


"Sorry, Tuner!" Jasmin grabbed the tray from him, asking him where it goes.


"Table four."


"Added press, huh?" Anni asked when Jasmin left. "Why would he need it?"


"I read something about him trying to release a new album, but the dip in sales for his current album doesn't make a new one promising. Of course, that's all tabloid theory."


"So, he's trying to use Jasmin to help his sales?" Anni was so angry she could probably spit fire if she tried. This had nothing to do with his feelings for Jasmin, and everything to do with his damn image and money! Damn him!


"What about sales?" Jasmin set the tray down on the bar. "Table two needs a milky coffee, please."


"Tuner says Kurt's sales are down, and he wants to drop another album. He's using you to get back into the spotlight."


"Oh for fuck's sake! He's putting us through all of this shit for notoriety!?" Jasmin began to wonder if this was payback for everything she put others through when she was doing that whole reality show shit. Paybacks are a bitch, she thought bitterly.


"Here's your order for table two," Tuner said, handing her the drink. "And, I can't be sure that's what's going on. It's just what I've read in those stupid tabloids. I had a lot of time on my hands," he said with an embarrassed shrug.


Jasmin had to will herself not to stomp over to table two. She calmly set the drink down, and gave the customer a sweet smile and thank you.

The scowl was back on her face by the time she made it back to Anni.


"It has nothing to do with loving me, does it?" she asked, reiterating Anni's earlier thoughts.


"Don't think so."


"God! Why can't he just leave us alone? Why can't he just let me be happy?" To her surprise and dismay, Jasmin felt her eyes start to water.


"Hey, come here." Anni took Jasmin in her arms, holding her tight. "Look, now we have an idea of what's going on, right? Maybe we should talk to your mother . . . "


"Why would we talk to Katrin?" Jasmin pulled back, a bewildered look on her face. "She's working with him!"


"We don't know that for sure, and if she is," Anni continued, cutting Jasmin's protests off, "then we'll see if we can talk some sense into her. Maybe she'll get Kurt to back off? It's worth a shot, baby."


Jasmin sighed tiredly. "You're right. Fine, we'll talk to her. But right now, I've got to get to work. Tuner doesn't need to be doing this all by himself."


Just then, Dominik pushed his way inside, yelling incoherently at the horde of jackass press.


"What the hell is going on out there!"


"Long story," was the answer that came from all three at the same time.


"I gotta get going, baby. I told Ayla I'd meet her at noon." Anni rubbed Jasmin's arms in a comforting gesture.


"You'll be careful, right?"


"Of course. Call me if you need me?"


"Mmhmm. You do the same. Have fun!" Jasmin flashed Anni a genuine smile.


"I'll try," Anni laughed. "I'll be back soon, okay?" She kissed Jasmin thoroughly before leaning close to her ear. "Tonight, we're locking ourselves in the bedroom and tuning everyone else out. No exceptions."


Jasmin shivered from the breath that tickled her ear and her senses. "Sounds like a wonderful plan to me. I can't wait."


Anni beamed a bright smile. "Love you."


"Love you, too."


"See ya, guys!"


Dominik and Tuner waved, and wished her luck out in the sea of piranha reporters.


"Think you can work now?" Tuner teased Jasmin.


"Hmm. Maybe. Since I have no more distractions," she winked. Silently, she hoped that the press would leave her girlfriend alone. Jasmin knew how much Anni hated all of that, and she cursed Kurt for bringing it back into their lives.




"Sorry I'm late!" Anni jogged up to Ayla who was waiting patiently for her at their agreed upon location.


"No problem. Jasmin keep you tied up?"


Anni lost her concentration for a moment, thinking of Jasmin tying her up. Hmm. Not a bad scenario, she thought provocatively. Clearing her throat, she pushed that image out of her head - or at least to the back of her mind - for now.


"No. Press."




"Come on, I'll tell you about it on the way."


Anni filled Ayla in on all that was happening with Kurt, Katrin and the press as they walked to the store Anni had decided on.


"Wow. So all of this is for publicity?"




"How is Jasmin taking it?"


"Not well. Or as well as can be expected. She made a short statement, then walked away," Anni announced proudly.


"What did she say?" Ayla asked, intrigued. Not too long ago, Jasmin would have been eating this attention up. Things have changed so much since then.


"She corrected them on her name, told them she was in love with a woman and that she wasn't interested in Kurt."


"Bet that made you feel good, huh?"


"Hell, yes." Anni stopped, and waited for Ayla to notice. "I have no doubts anymore," she confessed. "It shouldn't have taken me this long, and I think, deep down, I knew. But I have no doubts about Jasmin's love for me."


"That's great, Anni! I'm so happy for you guys!"


Anni grinned. "Thanks!" She looked up at the store they stood in front of. "I think I'm going to find what I want in here."


Ayla stood speechless for a moment, then followed Anni inside.




Jasmin could barely breathe as Anni's tongue picked up its pace against her throbbing sex. They had been making love since getting home over two hours ago, and Anni has already given Jasmin two incredible orgasms. She was currently working on the third, and Jasmin wasn't completely sure she would survive this one.


"Anni," she panted, torn between wanting to ride out this amazingly pleasurable torture, or pushing Anni away for some much needed relief. As she felt her body start to tremble, she knew there was no stopping now. She let herself be completely overtaken by her lover, giving her everything. A hoarse cry filled the air as the climax shook her to her core.


Anni was in heaven, and relentless when it came to drinking every bit of the essence that was Jasmin. She couldn't get enough.


"Baby, you have to stop," Jasmin begged.


"Don't wanna," Anni murmured against Jasmin's still throbbing nub.


"Please? I don't think I can take any more."


With one more lick with the flat of her tongue, Anni finally eased off. She kissed her way up Jasmin's sweat slicked body, lingering at her hardened nipples for a moment before giving Jasmin a deep kiss.


Jasmin moaned into the kiss. As sated and lethargic as she felt, the sensation of tasting herself on Anni's tongue, ignited her body once again. With a strength she couldn't explain, she reversed their position, a startled Anni now beneath her.


"My turn," she whispered huskily.


Anni could only groan as her body immediately responded to the look of desire in Jasmin's soulful brown eyes. Although she had already had an orgasm of her own from going down on Jasmin, her body needed more. "I'm all yours, baby."


"Yes, you are." Jasmin trailed her lips and tongue down Anni's neck, tasting the saltiness of the film of sweat remnant from their passion. She bared her teeth, and nipped Anni's pulse point, hard enough to mark her lover. Jasmin grinned when Anni's hips bucked at the bit of pleasurable pain. She continued her journey, nibbling and licking her collarbone, then taking a small, firm breast into her hot, wet mouth. Jasmin marked her lover once again, this time with a powerful suck to the tender flesh.


"Jesus! Jasmin!" Anni gasped, her hands instinctively grasping Jasmin's silky hair, pulling her even closer.


"Tell me what you want, baby," Jasmin murmured, licking her handiwork.


"You," Anni ground out, barely able to speak.


"How? Tell me, Anni. I want to hear you say it."


Anni groaned once again, loving when Jasmin was like this. It turned her on so much to know she could tell Jasmin to do anything, and she would satisfy beyond belief. Anni may have been the first woman Jasmin had ever been with, but Jasmin was a natural. Anni had never come as hard as she does with Jasmin. It was amazing. "I want you inside me," she whispered.


"Mmm." Jasmin trailed her fingers down Anni's torso, circling her navel before continuing down to Anni's hot and ready center. "You're so wet."


The musician locked eyes with her beautiful girlfriend as she felt two digits slip inside her. When Jasmin curled her fingers up, Anni's hips immediately lifted, bringing Jasmin even deeper. "More. Please."


Jasmin's body shivered at the words, and she slipped a third finger in, keeping her pace even and slow. She couldn't believe how incredible it felt being inside Anni's wetness, feeling how the silky walls of Anni's sex contracted around her fingers. Especially when she hit that certain spot.


"Do you like that, baby?"


"God, yes! Don't stop!"


"Never." Jasmin picked up the pace, using her body to help her thrust deeper, harder as Anni lifted her hips to match each plunge. She felt the beginnings of Anni's climax, and bent to take a rigid nipple in her mouth, sucking hard.


Anni's orgasm exploded at the overwhelming sensations of Jasmin inside of her, and sucking her. It was so intense, she saw stars behind her eyelids, and was almost afraid she would pass out from the force. Her thighs clamped together, trapping Jasmin between them, effectively stopping her movement.


"My God!" Anni blew out an exhausted, yet completely satisfied breath. "You may very well be the death of me."

Jasmin chuckled softly. "I can see the headlines now. 'Jasmin Flemming kills lesbian lover with fierce orgasms'."


Anni laughed, pushing Jasmin's sweat soaked hair out of her face, tucking it behind her ear. "Well, if I had to choose a way to go, that would certainly be it."


"Hmm." Jasmin rolled off her lover with a weak sigh. "I have no idea where I got the energy to do that after what you did to me."


"Divine intervention?" Anni suggested with a grin.


Jasmin rolled her head to the side to look at the beautiful musician. "Perhaps."




"Uh uh. Too tired to move."


"Go to sleep, baby. I'm going to go make me something light to eat. Okay?"


"Mmhmm. Bring me back something?" Jasmin mumbled sleepily before losing her battle with exhaustion.


Anni shook her head, chuckling at her girlfriend. She knew Jasmin would most likely be out for the night, but she would make her a little something just in case. She shrugged into her black button up shirt, grabbed her guitar and quietly stepped out of the bedroom.




Anni sat cross-legged on the couch, strumming her guitar and humming softly. She would play a few chords, sing a few words, then stop to write down what she just played. The musician was pleasantly surprised by the ease the song was flowing from her, and could only attribute it to the intense love she felt for Jasmin.


"That's pretty," Nele said quietly, as if trying not to startle the musician.


"Um. Thanks." Anni was a little embarrassed at being 'caught'. She was normally shy about singing her songs in front of others, but this one was special. She was even more bashful about this song being heard by anyone other than Jasmin.


"Is it for Jasmin?"


"Yeah. Hey, don't say anything, okay?"


"No, I won't." Nele sat in the chair, a bit tentatively. "I wanted to apologize for the other day."


Anni looked up, a little annoyed by being interrupted, until she saw the sad look on Nele's face. "Don't worry about it. You were just saying what I'm sure a lot of people were thinking."


"I still shouldn't have doubted Jasmin like that. It hurt both of you, and I don't want that."


Anni shrugged with a tsk. "We got over it as I'm sure you saw and heard." She grinned at Nele, lifting her chin towards the bedroom door.


"Oh God." Nele blushed hotly. "Tell me you don't hear Mesut and me like that!"


"Uh . . . " Anni laughed out loud as Nele buried her burning face in her hands. "Hey, it happens when you live with roommates, right?"


Nele shrugged. "Want a drink?"


"Nah. I'm just going to work on this a little longer, then go back to bed."


"Do you want me to leave you alone?"


Anni looked at Nele sheepishly. "Do you mind?"


"No, not at all. I really just wanted to say sorry for everything . . . "


"It's all good, okay?"


Nele smiled with a nod, then said goodnight, leaving Anni alone once again. With a glance towards the stairs, Anni began playing once again. The melody surged through her, flowing through her fingers as if they had a mind of their own. Her smile was wide and happy, thoughts of Jasmin going through her head as the song all but composed itself. Where "Far Away" broke her heart, this song . . . oh this song made her heart sing. She thought that was a good description since it seemed like her heart was what was really writing it.


Putting the finishing touches on paper, she slipped the sheet into her guitar case, placing her guitar over it. Anni snapped the case shut with a smile, and returned to her beautiful girlfriend with a happy bounce in her step.




"What are your plans for your day off, baby?" Anni watched from under the covers as Jasmin got dressed. Her eyes were glued to a perfect ass as Jasmin shimmied into leather pants Anni loved so much.


"Just a bit of shopping," Jasmin answered, knowing full well where Anni's eyes were.


"Who's going with you?" When Anni didn't get an answer, she looked up at her amused girlfriend. "What?"


"Enjoying the show?"


"Immensely," the musician answered, grinning rakishly.


"Good." Jasmin made her way over to Anni, leaning down to kiss her soundly. "Pia and Nele are going with me."


"Great. I'm glad you're not going alone."


Jasmin smiled at her protective lover. "I told you I'd be careful."


"You did." Anni slipped her hands up Jasmin's thighs, settling them on her hips. "Are you okay with calling your mother today?"


"Can we discuss this later, baby?"


"Jasmin, I know you don't really want to do this . . . "


"Anni, wait. I'll do this because it may give us a way to get Kurt out of our lives. That's what's important to me. So, yes, we'll call Katrin. I just don't want to think about it right now, okay?"


Anni nodded. "Sorry."


"Don't be. I know this is hard for you. We'll get through this, I promise."


"I know, baby. Hey, why don't you and the girls stop by Vereinsheim after you're done shopping. Come and see me. I'll buy you a coffee," she winked.


Jasmin laughed. "Sure! See you later?"


"You bet."


Jasmin traced a finger across Anni's jaw, then tapped her on the nose before leaving the grinning musician.




"Are you sure about this, Jasmin?" Pia looked at her friend, then a Nele, who gave her a shrug, and back again.


"Yes." Jasmin's answer was full of confidence and enthusiasm. She handed the guy behind the counter a piece of paper with a rough drawing.


"Can you do this?"


The older man pushed his glasses up his nose, picking the drawing up, studying it. "All of them?"


"Yes. Is it possible?"


"Yeah, yeah. This one may be a little tricky," he told her, pointing to one of the sketches. "But, doable."


Jasmin sighed with relief. The 'tricky' one was the most important. "How long will they take?"


"Three weeks? Maybe a month," the old man grunted.


"Shit," Jasmin muttered, then apologized to the man for her language. "Can it be done any sooner?"


He considered her, then the drawing again. "Yeah. I can do rush job. When do you need it by?"


"Next week?" Jasmin answered hopefully.


"It will cost more," he warned.


Jasmin winced. "How much?"


The old man was thoughtful for a moment, and took a pencil from behind his ear, writing a figure down and sliding the paper over to Jasmin.

Jasmin's breath caught at the price, but she swallowed down the apprehension. Anni was worth it. She was worth everything. She held out her hand. "Deal." She turned to her friends who were still looking at her with disbelief. "Ready for coffee?"




"Hey! How'd it go?" Anni gave Jasmin a quick kiss, nodding to Pia and Nele.


"Good! The press is still following me around, but I think we did pretty well at keeping them at bay." Jasmin grinned proudly, making her girlfriend laugh.


"Well, I don't see any bags. Was shopping a bust?" Anni knew she was fishing, but she wanted to know how much Jasmin would tell her.


"Nope." Jasmin took the coffee Anni held out to her, and plopped herself down on the couch in the corner.


"That's it?" Anni glanced at Pia and Nele who immediately turned away, suddenly finding the café's décor extremely interesting. Anni narrowed her eyes at Jasmin. "Anything you want to tell me?"


"I love you." The corners of Jasmin's eyes crinkled when she smiled over the rim of her glass.


"Fine. I can take a hint." She made her way back behind the bar, to fill orders. "Want to call Katrin?"


"Ugh." Jasmin drank the rest of her milky coffee, setting the empty glass on the table in front of her. "Fine. Let's get this over with."


Anni sent her girlfriend a sympathetic smile. She knew this was going to be difficult for Jasmin. Her relationship with her mother was already tumultuous at best. If it turned out that Katrin was working with Kurt to break her and Jasmin up, Anni was afraid the thread the mother/daughter relationship was hanging by would finally snap.


Jasmin reluctantly dug out her phone, pressing Katrin's number. Part of her hoped that the call would go unanswered. The other part wanting to do what she just told Anni. Get it over with.




"Katrin. It's Jasmin."


"I know who it is. Have you finally decided to listen to me?" Katrin's voice held a condescending bite that Jasmin did not appreciate.


"I've decided to ask you a few questions. Do you have time to meet?"


"Of course. Kurt and I . . . "


"No. Just you. I will not have any kind of discussion with Kurt." Jasmin saw Anni's eyes turn to her at Kurt's name. She just shook her head, and focused on her conversation with Katrin. "You can come to Vereinsheim, or you can come by the apartment later. But, Katrin, I swear if Kurt is with you, I will never speak to you again."


"Very well. I trust your friend won't be there either?"


Jasmin frowned at the emphasis Katrin had put on the word 'friend'. "My girlfriend will be there, yes. This involves her just as much as it involves me."


"Then I think all parties should be present," Katrin countered.


"All parties that count, will be. Take it or leave it, Katrin. This is the only invitation I will be extending." After a long silence, Katrin agreed to meet at the apartment later that evening.


Anni sat next to her not-so-happy girlfriend, taking her hand. "So?"


"She'll be there tonight. Though, I don't see what the point is. It's obvious she's working with Kurt."


"The point, baby, is to try and get them to stop. We already knew it was a possibility they were working together. Maybe we can appeal to your mom's caring side, and get her to tell Kurt to back off."


"Katrin? Caring side?" Jasmin looked at Anni skeptically.


"Come on, doll. She has her moments." She kissed Jasmin's knuckles. "I have to get back to work. Want another?" she asked, gesturing at Jasmin's empty glass.


"Sure. Get me wired up before this talk tonight," she smirked. "Did Nele and Pia leave?"


"Yeah, they had stuff to do," Anni tossed over her shoulder on her way back to the bar. "Said to tell you bye."


"Bye," Jasmin muttered, deciding to keep herself occupied by browsing the internet on her phone. "Well, that was a mistake."


"What was a mistake?" Anni handed Jasmin her drink, taking her phone from her. Kurt LeRoy and Jasmin Flemming: Marriage on the Mend. The article included a photo of Jasmin and Kurt kissing, Kurt's hand on Jasmin's ass. "Shit. Katrin's doing, I assume?"


"Probably. That picture was taken right after we were married. We were at some stupid studio party." Jasmin snagged her phone back, quickly closing the internet. "She's not going to be on our side, you know that, right? Katrin will do whatever it takes to be in control of something. If it's not Metropolitan Trends anymore, it's going to be this. Or me."


"She can't control you, baby."


"She'll try."


"Come here." Anni wrapped her arms around her girlfriend, holding tight. "We're in this together, okay? No matter what happens with Katrin, I'm

here with you."


"Thank you, sweetie. I feel better already." Although she said the words lightly, Jasmin truly did feel better with Anni by her side. She felt as though she could face anything with the love of her life next to her. The thought startled Jasmin a little. Love of her life? She pulled back, taking Anni's face in her hands, looking deep into her eyes. "It's true," she whispered.


"Huh?" Anni's brows furrowed in confusion at Jasmin's curious words.


Jasmin smiled brightly. "I said it's true. That you make me feel better," she explained. There was a better time, a better place to tell Anni that she was the love of her life.


The dimples that Jasmin loved so much, stood out prominently as Anni beamed with pride. "Good."




Jasmin paced restlessly as the time for Katrin to come by drew closer.


"Baby. Come sit down." Anni patted the cushion next to her on the couch.


"I can't. Too edgy."


"I can help with that," Anni told her, wiggling her eyebrows.


Jasmin couldn't help but laugh, even though she felt nauseous at the thought of talking to Katrin again. "You can, can you?"


"Mmhmm. Come over here and I'll show you."


Just as Jasmin took a step towards her lover, a knock sounded on the door. With a dramatically heavy sigh, Jasmin straightened her shoulders and opened the door.

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