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Writing has always been a very personal and cathartic thing for me. Each character holds a special place in my heart. In my Eve Sumptor Novels, we get to explore the mind of a beautiful woman who seems to have it all. Does she? In my Young Adult Destined Series, we explore the world of Urban Fantasy. Think you know all there is to know about vampires? The Destined Series will make you think again.


In my upcoming books, all will be stand-alones. However, you will catch a glimpse or two of some of the characters from the Eve Sumptor Novels and the LA Lovers Series. You don't need to read these in order to understand the new books, though I do encourage you to do so. :)

UNDOING Ebook Cover.jpg
An LA Lovers Book


Rebecca and Cass Giles were living large and happy as hell. Even after three years, the two were still in the honeymoon phase of their marriage, and their professional lives were thriving. Rebecca was a highly sought-after business consultant, and Cass was finding her footing in the art world and was in demand. But time wasn't always on their side. Between work and being there for their friends, they found it more challenging to find enough time for each other.

After an unfortunate business meeting and overall fatigue, Rebecca decides it's time to focus more on their marriage by semi-retiring. And Cass is all for more time with Rebecca - and Mistress. For her, there was nothing better in life.

Nothing could come between the couple who owned each other's souls - neither friend nor foe. At least, that's what Cass always thought. But when the unthinkable happens, Rebecca and Cass are faced with an impossible situation.

Their paths crossed once, and an unbreakable bond was formed. What happens when that bond is fractured by something neither expected?

Will their lives - and love - be forever changed? Or can lightning strike twice?

LALovers Short Stories Cover Only.jpg
The Short Stories Vol Two


The Short Stories Vol Two is finally here!

The LA Lovers ladies have been through quite a bit! This volume is full of lighthearted holiday moments as well as some deep conversations. With each short story, you learn more about the women you’ve fallen in love with!

Also included are two bonus stories with brand-new characters! Until now, these stories have only been available on my Patreon. I’m excited to introduce these new stories to you! I hope you enjoy The Short Stories Volume Two!

LA Lovers - The Short Stories Front 150.jpg
The Short Stories Vol One


A collection of short stories featuring the women you've grown to love. From girls' night shenanigans to holiday parties, Moves and Grooves, the ladies will keep you entertained! Join Ellie, Hunter, Jessie, Blaise, Piper, Rebecca, Cass, Eve, Lainey, Patty, Mo, Dani, Claire, and Aunt Wills as these short stories give you more insight into their close-knit circle of friends. Includes an all new, never before published short story.

Fighting for Eve
An Eve Sumptor Novel
The Evolution of Lainey Sumptor


Eve and Lainey Sumptor have faced many trials in their journey to one another. Now, after a long, hard road, they are both in a place where they can relax and enjoy themselves. They’re together, they’re deliriously happy, their kids are thriving, and the demons from the past are dead and buried. It’s time to embrace their life, ripe with domestic bliss, as it unfolds before them at last. Neither woman ever dreamt they could be so fulfilled.


But, the problem with demons is they are tricky things that don’t always stay gone…


When Eve is accused of murder, she and Lainey must fight harder than ever before. Eve’s freedom and the life they worked so hard for is in jeopardy. How far will Lainey go to prove that Eve is innocent? She’s not sure there are limits, not when it comes to the woman she loves.


The thrilling conclusion of the Eve Sumptor saga leads Lainey on a heart-pounding chase to clear Eve’s name. Suspenseful, sexy, and heartwarming, this series will have you scrambling to see what happens next.

Teach Me
An LA Lovers/Mrs. Middleton Crossover
Collaboration with Melissa Tereze


After years of separation and mutual longing, Vanessa Hughes and Emma Bradley are blissfully engaged. Everything about their new life together is wonderful, until Emma learns the children’s sport agency that sent her to Africa has gone bankrupt. Back when she was pining for Vanessa, Emma’s work was a godsend, both for her and for the kids who had nothing else good in their lives. The thought of those children losing that vital support is heartbreaking—but how can she help from so far away?

Vanessa loves how Emma cares for others, but the thought of losing her to Africa again is almost more than she can bear. Despite the insecurities from her past still clinging to her soul, Vanessa can’t sit by and watch the woman she loves suffer, much less the children. So there’s only one thing to do—call on an old friend for help.

Philanthropists Eve and Lainey Sumptor are eager to come to the rescue. With the help of their pooled resources (including an erotic meeting with Mistress), Vanessa and Emma embark on the journey of a lifetime. A journey that will finally heal the last cracks in their wounded souls.

Follow the ladies from Melissa Tereze’s bestselling Mrs. Middleton and Jourdyn Kelly’s critically acclaimed LA Lovers series as they join forces for a wild journey to explore the deeper sides of themselves.

Coming To


Two young lovers, brutally torn apart just as they found their way to each other.
Will their budding love be enough to overcome the pain of the past and the challenges of the future?

Dani Reed was an outsider. She was no stranger to being different and had been bullied most of her life for it. After the loss of her father, the only person in Dani's life that made her feel loved was the one person she thought she could never have. Her best friend Claire.

Claire Oliver was popular, smart . . . and miserable. Seeing her best friend Dani bullied every day, Claire never dared to be open and carefree. However, Claire's growing feelings for Dani made it impossible to keep pretending. A moment of love, clarity, and bravery lead the two down a path neither could have imagined or prepared for.

Two years after being forced apart, the young women find their way back to each other against all the odds. But so much had changed. Has the separation strengthened their bond? Or has their love been irrevocably damaged?

The Truth About Eve.jpg
The Truth About Eve


Eve Sumptor is back. This time she is facing her toughest opponent yet. Herself.

After a passionate affair, Eve Sumptor and Lainey Stanton had difficult choices to make. One chose fear, the other gave in to guilt. As the consequences of those decisions begin to come to light, both women must find a new direction.

Will their paths once again come together?

Or have they missed their chance?

You met Eve and Lainey in Something About Eve. You watched them suffer in Flawed Perfection. You've followed Eve's therapy sessions online. Now, see where every decision leads the two women. Were they meant to be together? Or will life keep tearing them apart?

*Intended for 18+ audience due to mature content. 
*This book contains scenes that may be a trigger to some people.



Rebecca Cuinn lost control of her life once before, and she spent many years learning how to take it back. As Mistress and owner of an exclusive BDSM club, Rebecca now had control by the balls. She wasn't about to lose it again by falling in love. Unfortunately, her heart wasn't playing by Rebecca's rules. She always was a sucker for androgynous, sexy women. But did the one that threatened to make her break all her rules have to be so young?

Cass Giles defied authority. So, when she was dragged to a BDSM sex club for a bachelorette party, she refused to let go of her judgments and have fun. No way she would submit to someone who's sole purpose was to hurt you. Just wasn't her scene. That is until that "scene" included the mysterious Mistress. Now Cass was willingly breaking the rules just for a taste of Mistress's punishment. But it wasn't just Mistress she wanted. She wanted the woman underneath the mask. And she would do everything she could to prove they were meant to be.

Becoming TeaserTessa Stavers
00:00 / 01:39
Coming Out


Award Winning Finalist in the Fiction: LGBTQ category of the 2018 International Book Awards and the 2018 American Fiction Awards

Ellie Montgomery had a secret. Beyond being a mother, a best friend, and a baker of incredible desserts, there was something deeper in her soul that she had been forced to deny. Something she had never planned on revealing. Not even to those closest to her. Then SHE walked into Ellie's Diner and everything changed.

Dr. Hunter Vale was burnt out. A recent tragedy had her reexamining her life and career. A chance meeting at a local diner showed Hunter exactly what she was missing and she knew she would do everything she could to make her dreams a reality. The problem was, Hunter didn't know if her advances would be reciprocated. And, if they were, would her past destroy the possibility of a sweet future?

Fifty Shades of Pink


BDSM was never my scene. I've always thought I was too strong to be dominated. Authority and I never did get along. So, when I was dragged to a special kind of club for my best friend's bachelorette party the last thing I expected to do was surrender myself completely.

I wasn't going to participate. Then I was summoned to the "Pink Room". Her room. As I watched her walk away from me, I realized I had no choice but to follow. I was already hooked.

She demanded I call her Mistress. 
I demanded she take off her mask.
We were both changed that night..

Coming Home


Blaise Knight is content. She owns a trendy, in-demand flower boutique, has wonderful friends, and an obsession with red velvet cake. After a string of disappointing dates, Blaise decides to give up on dating, and focus on the things that are most important to her.

Greyson Steele is the “family stud”. After his stint in the Delta Force, he is coerced into the family business. His manipulative mother is planning a wedding for him to a woman he can’t stand. But Greyson had other plans. At thirty-nine, Greyson is ready to settle down, but only with a woman he chooses. After meeting the fiery owner of Knight in Bloom, Greyson finds his match.

Sparks fly when Blaise and Greyson meet. Can he convince her to take a chance on him? Or will Blaise’s past ruin their chances for a future? Their romance forces Greyson on a chase halfway around the world to solve a mystery, and find his love.

Something About Eve


A haunting and suspenseful novel about a woman who seems to have it all. An unexpected friendship (and more) shows her just how much she's been missing.

Eve Sumptor has it all. She's beautiful, wealthy, successful, and sexy. But she is haunted by a past that should have destroyed her. Unable to free herself emotionally, Eve keeps her personal relationships at an arm's length. Even if she secretly feels more than she wants to admit.

Lainey Stanton needs a change. She loves being a mother, but her marriage has become mundane. When her husband begins treating her like his mother instead of his wife, Lainey decides she needs to change. Going back to work - against her husband's wishes - is just what she needs.

When Lainey begins working for Eve at Sumptor Gallery, an unexpected and passionate friendship develops between the two women. Just as Eve is beginning to learn how to open herself up emotionally, her past catches up to her. Now she finds herself having to save the lives of those she loves or lose everything she has worked so hard to achieve.

This is a unique and powerful story of two completely different women who, through fate, find each other and teach each other how to love.

Flawed Perfection


Eve Sumptor-Riley’s life is perfect. She’s married to the love of her life, has a beautiful daughter and the best friend any woman can have. With her businesses flourishing, and her husband’s professional life expanding, Eve’s life was finally happy. Or so she thought.

Someone does not want Eve to be happy. They are determined to take everything away from her. Once again, Eve must battle her past, this time from an unknown foe. Will she be able to triumph again? Or will she lose everything she worked so hard to achieve?

Front Cover 150.jpg
Destined to Kill



Humans would sell their souls for it. Immortals would steal souls to keep it. Infinite life is too seductive and powerful to resist. But, immortality is more like a bad drug habit than a gift. Immortals can't give it up because they don't know how to face death after living for so long.

You see, living forever isn't all it's cracked up to be. Sure, you have your pros, but it's the cons that can make an Immortal wish for a death that will never come. Anala Geil is a Hunter. She is bound by the rules of the Society. The rules are few, but they are strong.

What happens when circumstances force her to break them all?

Book one of the Destined Trilogy. Follow Anala Gale and her Hunters on a mission to save humanity.

Destined to Love


Anala Geil has finally fulfilled her destiny to become the Leader of the Society of Hunters – 600 years AFTER she thought all Cursed Ones were gone. So far; she is a Cursed Hunter, has fallen in love with a fellow Hunter, had another Hunter turned, and lost Thomas - the one she had feelings for so long ago. She’s doing great.

The challenges that Ana and her Hunters must face now will either tear them apart, or bring them closer. But what will Ana do when she is forced to make the most difficult decisions of her long life? Will she be able to hold on to the humanity she feels is perilously close to shattering?

Destined to Meet


With the support of her faithful Hunters, Anala travels home for the first time in centuries. After six hundred years of living, what could possibly be out there that she hasn’t seen? What she finds will shock even her. 

We met Anala and her eclectic group of Hunters in Destined to Kill. We experienced their pain in Destined to Love. In Destined to Meet, Anala will face her past, present and future all at once. Will she survive the journey? Will her Hunters? And, what will Anala choose to do when she finds out the Society of Hunters and her parents’ legacy are in jeopardy? 

This is the final book in the Destined Series. Follow Anala and her Hunters in their final quest to see how it all ends.



Go on a journey with Jasmin Flemming and Anni Brehme as they navigate through the world of true love.

While I have borrowed fractions of story lines from GZSZ, this story is completely mine and does not follow the events on the show. If you're interested in a different take on the love lives of Jasmin and Anni, settle in, buckle up, and enjoy the ride! Happy endings are what we're all looking for. Will Jasmin and Anni find theirs?
All sections from online are put together in this one book.
The Planning (Interrupted)
The Planning
The Wedding

*Jasmin Flemming and Anni Brehme (along with other names and places in this book) belong to the German soap opera GZSZ. These characters do not belong to me (except Kiara Adler), but the story does.

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