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Committed Part 4


"Do we get to see?" Nele asked quietly, as if hating to interrupt the moment.


Anni reluctantly backed away from Jasmin - a little - and held out the gift for everyone to see. After waiting for what she considered to be an appropriate amount of time for the 'ooo'ing and ahh'ing', Anni was ready to give Jasmin her gift. "Your turn," she grinned, handing Jasmin a gift similar in size to the one she just received.


Jasmin smiled brightly, practically snatching the wrapped box out of Anni's hand. She took much less time opening the package, and in seconds held a black, leather box. The goofy grin turned to a stunned look as she opened the box revealing its contents. Inside was a gorgeous rose gold bracelet with two unique charms attached. One was a silver heart that read 'I love you' and was dissected by a clear vial. The second was a tiny 'message in a bottle'.


Anni took the bracelet from its casing, slipping it onto a crying Jasmin's wrist. "The vial inside the heart contains chlorine," she explained, knowing Jasmin knew exactly what she was talking about. "The message in the bottle is the lyrics to the song I wrote you, so you can keep it with you always."


"Anni." Jasmin couldn't keep the tears from falling even harder at the significance of Anni's gift. She took Anni's face in her hands, gazing into those expressive brown eyes she loved so much. "Thank you. It's amazing," she managed before giving Anni a kiss she was sure made their audience blush.




Both Anni and Jasmin struggled to be patient with their friends for the next hour or so. They loved them dearly, but they also had the need to properly thank each other for their gifts. The frustration was about to get out of control when Nele finally decided to give the couple their much needed chance at escape. With quick good-byes, they hurried home, eager to keep the party going. Only this time, just for two.


Jasmin twisted her arm this way and that, making her bracelet catch the light. "This is so beautiful, baby. And, thoughtful. I love it."


Anni grinned at her lover over her shoulder. "I love mine, too, baby-doll." She unlocked the door to their apartment, and ushered her girlfriend in, heading straight for their bedroom. "Come here," she murmured after closing the door, and locking it.


Jasmin hurried to the musician, immediately wrapping her arms around Anni's neck in a strong embrace. "I'm happy," she hummed close to Anni's ear, taking the lobe into her mouth and sucking gently.


Anni moaned softly, at the words as much as the sensation of Jasmin sucking her earlobe. "Me, too, baby." She brought Jasmin's lips to hers, kissing her tenderly, not bothering to hide the passion and emotion she was feeling.


"Wow," Jasmin whispered, breathless and flushed. She pulled Anni towards the bed, unbuttoning her shirt as they went. She pushed the garment off slowly, her fingertips grazing Anni's soft skin as she followed it down and off her arms. Bringing her hands back up, she kept her touch light, leaving goosebumps in their path, as she trailed them over Anni's breasts.


Anni sucked in a breath at Jasmin's touch, her nipples hardening almost painfully at the contact. Lips joined again as Anni leaned in. Tongues tasted, battling each other in a seductive dance only lovers knew. Bodies delicately pressed together as Anni pulled Jasmin closer.


Jasmin gasped at the connection, feeling Anni's taut nipples through her shirt. "Take my shirt off, baby. I want to feel you."


Anni didn't hesitate. She rid Jasmin of the offending garment, tossing it to the side. Seconds later, both women's bras were following. "Yesss," she hissed as Jasmin's naked upper body came together with hers. She shivered when Jasmin's nails raked softly down her back.


"I need your mouth on me, Anni."


Anni dipped her head, and used the tip of her tongue to tease a sensitive nipple, batting it gently before covering it with her lips. She alternated between suckling, biting and teasing, knowing she was driving Jasmin crazy with need for more.


"Oh! Yes . . . Anni."


Anni's fumbling fingers worked the button of Jasmin's pants, needing her to be naked for the things she wanted to do. Jasmin took pity and helped, though her hands were trembling just as much. Finally they were both completely naked, much to Anni's joy, and she gently nudged Jasmin down on the bed. She wanted to take her time, make this last for Jasmin, and Anni tried reining in her passion. But when Jasmin's hand found her breast and began massaging, that passion almost got the best of her. Anni arched her back, pressing herself into Jasmin's hand. It never failed to amaze her that she was granted this intimacy with Jasmin. Anni never wanted to take that gift for granted.


"Touch me," Jasmin whispered.


Anni never lost eye contact with Jasmin as she slipped her hand down between their bodies. When she reached her destination, she could feel how wet Jasmin was. As always, she was astounded that she was the one that could affect Jasmin this way. Anni loved the way Jasmin's body responded to her. With that thought, she dipped her finger deeper between Jasmin's swollen sex. She groaned at feeling of Jasmin's arousal coating her finger.


"God . . . yes." Jasmin felt herself get even wetter when Anni pulled her finger out, trailing it along the sensitive bundle of nerves that begged for attention.


Anni stimulated the hardened nub, rubbing her well coated fingers back and forth, pinching it lightly between her two digits. She smiled inwardly when Jasmin moaned loudly, her hips rocking with desire, looking for much needed release. Anni's own body began to burn with need as she entered the beautiful brunette with two fingers. Thrusting deep, keeping her pace steady, she curled her fingers, hitting that one spot she knew drove Jasmin crazy. Confirmation came in the form of a loud groan from her girlfriend, her hips lifting off the bed, pulling Anni even deeper. The musician gave more, pushing inside as deep as she could while bringing her thumb into play by rotating it in circles over Jasmin's hard, extended clit.


Jasmin cried out with passion, calling out Anni's name as she came. Her body convulsed with the violent orgasm. It was unlike any orgasm she had ever had, so intense, so forceful that her breasts heaved as she tried to catch her breath.


Anni positioned herself over Jasmin's strong thigh, desperate for relief of her own. Watching her girlfriend come, hearing Jasmin calling her name, had her senses on overload, and the musician knew it wouldn't take long for her to follow in Jasmin's bliss. She ground herself against the silky skin, her own wetness painting Jasmin's leg with its abundance.


Jasmin pressed herself harder into Anni, her hands finding purchase on the musician's ass. She gripped the taut backside, pushing and tugging along with Anni's frantic rhythm, until the musician let out a long, throaty groan.




"Mmm, yes, baby. I love it when you come on me."


Anni moaned loudly, her hips bucking against Jasmin again as an aftershock shook her along with Jasmin's words. "I love you," she murmured when she could once again form words.


"I love you, too. Happy anniversary, baby."


A beautiful, content and sated smile blossomed on Anni's face. She never thought she would be in a relationship, let alone one this long. And, the fact that she had someone as wonderful and beautiful as Jasmin to love her, made her feel like the luckiest woman in the world. "Happy anniversary, Jasmin."




Anni snuggled closer to Jasmin's warm body. She was so comfortable and happy there, that she was loathe to get up. Come on, Anni. It's your anniversary and you need to get up! She continued her internal pep talk, but listening to Jasmin's soft breathing was starting to lull her back to sleep. Breakfast in bed! That did it. Anni wanted to make her girl a nice little breakfast before taking her somewhere special. She let out a quiet groan, and forced herself to get up.




"Shh." Anni shushed Nele quietly. "I don't want Jasmin to wake up yet."


"When does she ever wake up this early," Nele quipped, and Anni could help but laugh. It was true. Her girlfriend wasn't a morning person. But Anni had no doubt that she would be okay with being awake early today.


"True." She went to the refrigerator, gathering ingredients for her surprise.


"I'm actually surprised you're up this early. It sounded like you two had a long night last night."


Anni blushed a little as she sent Nele a mock glare over her shoulder. "It's our anniversary, we're supposed to celebrate," she shrugged with a grin.


Nele laughed. "What are your plans for today? More 'celebrating'?"


"Maybe." Anni smiled as she thought about her real plans for Jasmin today. She hoped Jasmin would enjoy herself so much that they would indeed be 'celebrating' all night. Again.




"Baby?" Anni lovingly tucked a stray strand of hair behind Jasmin's ear. "Baby, it's time to wake up."


"Nu uh." Jasmin's sleepy voice was muffled from her face being half buried in her pillow.


"Come on. I have something for you," the musician sang cheerfully.


Jasmin opened one beautiful, brown eye, and peered at her lover. "Didn't you get enough last night?" she mumbled teasingly.


"Never! I can ever get enough of you, baby-doll."




"Truth-speaker," Anni countered happily. "As much as I would like to crawl back into bed and feast on you," she wiggled her eyebrows with a leer, "I brought you food."


"Breakfast in bed?" Jasmin's other eye popped open.


"Oh, that gets you, but me feasting on you doesn't?" Anni teased.


"I can't have both?" Jasmin answered seductively, making the musician chuckle.


"Well, you could, but then we'd be late." Anni brought the food laden tray over as Jasmin adjusted herself to sit up against the wall. The sheets slipped down, leaving her bare breasts exposed. The sight took the musician's breath away, and she fumbled with the tray slightly.


"Late?" Jasmin smiled knowingly as she steadied the glass of juice on the tray. She loved the fact that her body produced that kind of reaction from her lover.




"Late for what?" Jasmin took in the veritable feast on the tray, wondering how on earth Anni had time to do all of this. It wasn't even six in the morning! French toast, strawberries, bananas, juice and coffee. "This is amazing, baby. Thank you."


"Welcome," Anni chirped gleefully. She couldn't remember ever feeling as happy as she did at this moment. She picked up a strawberry and fed it to her love. "Hurry and eat, and you'll get your question answered. Come on, woman! We have stuff to do!"


"You're going to have to help me," Jasmin laughed. "I can't eat all of this!"


"Tsk. Did you think this was all for you?" Anni teased. "Scoot over. And, don't hog the French toast."




"Anni!" Jasmin's voice was perilously close to a whine as she begged her girlfriend to tell her where they were going. "Please?"


"Nope. Just hang in there. We'll be there soon."


"Be where soon?"


"Nice try, doll. Not going to work."


"Fine," Jasmin pouted playfully. She looked around, finding her surroundings suddenly very familiar. "Anni?"


"Hmm?" The musician knew that her girl had figured out their destination.


"Anni, we can't go in there. What about security? They had dogs!"


"Relax, baby. It's too early for security to be here."


"Yeah, that's what we thought last time," Jasmin muttered as she followed Anni over the fence. Her anxiety faded away when she saw the crystal blue water of 'their' pool. "We're crazy for being here. You know that, right?"


"Eh. We're crazy in love, so come on!" Anni took Jasmin's hand, pulling her towards the platform. "Ready?"


"Let's do it."


They climbed the same platform they did that first night they went out partying together, just the two of them. They were sober this time, though if Anni was being a mushy romantic, she would say they were drunk in love. She laughed internally at herself, thinking about how she would never have thought things like that before Jasmin. They settled down on the board, swinging their legs back and forth with synchronicity.


"Thank you for bringing me here today, baby." Jasmin grasped Anni's hand, interweaving their fingers.


"This place is special to me, Jasmin." She watched Jasmin nod thoughtfully. The musician turned slightly to watch her girlfriend's reaction to her next words. "I fell in love with you here."


Jasmin's eyes widened slightly. "But I . . . we . . . "


"I know. And, that time was pretty tense for us. But you sat here with me that morning, and really talked to me. Not only that, you listened. You cared about what I had to say. I don't know, Jasmin. Something happened to me that day, and you've been in my heart ever since. No matter what happened in between then and now, I never stopped loving you."


A single tear trailed down Jasmin's cheek. "I felt it, too," she whispered. "Of course, I didn't know what it was, and it confused the hell out of me. But I felt it. It's why I gave you the bottle of chlorine from here when you were going back to Barcelona."


Anni squeezed Jasmin's fingers, trying to keep her emotions from getting out of control. She knew this place was special to Jasmin, too, she just didn't know how special. Until now. "Jasmin. Before I met you, I thought I'd be single for the rest of my life. I'm not even sure if I believed in love. The first time I saw you, man, I thought you were so hot." Both of them chuckled.


"Yes, well, you being naked in the bath was pretty hot, too," Jasmin confessed.


"Oh? You thought so, huh?"


Jasmin just smiled, biting her bottom lip.


Anni's eyes lowered to take in those full, luscious lips. She had to force herself not to lean in and take them in a passionate kiss. The musician drew in a deep breath, bringing her eyes back up to Jasmin's soft brown ones. "When I think about my future, I see you. There is no scenario where I don't see you standing by my side." Anni reached into her pocket, pulling out a shiny, black box. "I have one more gift for you, baby."


Jasmin's trembling hand flew to her mouth. Tears flowed unchecked, and her breathing became labored as she thought about what Anni was doing. "Anni," she whispered from behind her hand.


Anni opened the box, revealing a platinum infinity love design ring, with a single carat diamond. She reached up, taking Jasmin's hand in hers. "I love you, Jasmin. I want nothing more than to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?"


"Oh, Anni! Yes, baby! Yes!"


They had to remember that they were perched high up above the water, or risk plunging in from their excitement. They laughed at their predicament, with Anni wondering if she should have thought this through a little more. One look at the pure joy on Jasmin's beautiful face, and she knew her choice was the right one. Anni plucked the ring out of its resting place in the box, and slipped it on Jasmin's finger. Both pairs of hands were shaking so bad, Anni was afraid she might drop the ring. She breathed a sigh of relief when it slid effortless, and safely in place.


"It's beautiful, Anni."


"So are you."


"I can't believe you did this." Jasmin shook her head in amazement.


"You really had no clue?"


"After almost giving you a heart attack when I got on bended knee to give the plectrum for your birthday, I wasn't so sure this would ever happen," Jasmin laughed.


Anni buried her face in her hands and groaned with embarrassment at the memory. "You know, I don't think it was so much me being scared," she finally said. "I think I was just surprised."


"So, you would have said yes?" Jasmin bumped Anni's shoulder playfully.


"Of course!" Anni answered confidently. Okay, maybe she wouldn't have said yes then, but things have changed now. Her confidence in their love for each other was strong.


"Good to know," Jasmin said cryptically. "You know, when all of this crap came up with Kurt, it made me realize things."


"Oh yeah? Like what?"


"Well. For instance, I realized that you," Jasmin held Anni's gaze as she discreetly took the same silver box that held the plectrum out of her pocket, "are the love of my life." She watched as Anni's expressive eyes widened, and immediately filled with tears.

Those words filled Anni with such bliss that she felt an urgent need to wrap her arms around her girlfriend - no, wait, fiancée. She twisted more towards Jasmin, bringing her arms up . . . hitting Jasmin's hand that was oddly in the space between them.

"Oh no!" Jasmin watched in horror as the silver box flew out of her hand, landing with a small splash in the water below.


"What was that?" Anni asked carefully.


"Something I have to get back!" Jasmin answered, pushing herself off the diving board.




Anni's cry was drowned out - literally - by the sound of a bigger splash as Jasmin hit the water feet first.


"Fuck!" The musician waited for Jasmin to come back to the surface, but after a few excruciating seconds, there was still no sign of her lover. Anni took a deep breath, and making sure she wouldn't be landing on top of Jasmin when she jumped, took the plunge.


Jasmin let out a watery shriek when she wrapped her hands around the precious package, then kicked her way to the surface. She barely registered the splash nearby, her need to get air first and foremost in her mind. As the brunette broke the surface, she took in a deep breath of precious oxygen, coughing slightly as water got in her nose.


"Are you crazy?" Anni sputtered, swimming over to her love.


Jasmin made her way over to the edge of the pool, trying to keep from drowning, she was laughing so hard. "Crazy about you!" She shouted breathlessly.


"What happened?" Anni rested her forehead against the cool concrete next to Jasmin.


"You knocked something out of my hand."


"Was it so important that you had to risk drowning to get it?"


"Yes." Jasmin swam to the ladder, pulling herself out of the pool with a strong sense of déjà vu. "Come on."


Anni shook her head, of course feeling the same familiarity. She looked up at Jasmin, who stood there dripping wet, hair slicked back, clothes clinging to her amazing body. She knew would never see anyone look beautiful as Jasmin looked right at the moment. As she hauled herself out of the water, she watched in amazement as Jasmin got down on one knee and held out a very recognizable silver box. Anni's brows furrowed in confusion. Speaking of déjà vu, she thought.


Jasmin held the box out to Anni, a bright smile on her face. "Let's see if you were telling the truth."


That only confused Anni more, until Jasmin opened the box. "Oh my God." She stared down at the most unique, and spectacular ring she had ever laid eyes on. The platinum band was designed as a musical staff, with musical notes adorning the intricate design, with a treble clef the central focal point. Within that treble clef, sat a clear, brilliant diamond.


"Will you marry me, Anni?" Jasmin looked up at her with hooded eyes. She had chlorinated water dripping from her lashes, and clothes that were soaked and heavy on her body, but all she could focus on was Anni.


The musician fell to her knees in front of Jasmin, never losing eye contact with her lover. "Yes," she breathed.


Jasmin beamed with love and pride as she slid the ring into place. "The love of my life," Jasmin said again.


"And, you're mine, baby." Since they were now on solid ground, Anni didn't hesitate closing the distance between them, capturing her new fiancée in an intense, passion-filled kiss.


The sound of dogs barking was the only thing that tore them apart. They looked at each other, then towards the sound of the barks, then back at each other. Laughing hysterically, they ran for the fences.


The End??



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