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A Moment in Paris

DISCLAIMER: This story contains a sexual relationship between two consenting adult women. If that bothers you, please do not read.


If you have not read Something About Eve and Flawed Perfection, you might understand this story more if you did. This scene is included in The Truth About Eve in more depth.

Eve pushed open the door to her home in Paris. She had, of course, called ahead to make sure the heavy, velvet drapes were pulled back. The historic Avenue Foch through the window was like viewing a picturesque painting as they walked in.

Bienvenue,” Eve said, giving a slight bow and a smile to her companion.

“My God. It’s beautiful, Eve.” Lainey stepped through the threshold and couldn’t hold back the small gasp of delight. The loft-style duplex apartment, housed in the beautiful 1930s stone building, was exquisite. The entire wall opposite the entrance was comprised of arched windows and sliding glass doors that stepped out onto a splendid balcony. She tilted her head to take in the high ceilings, and the mezzanine surrounding the second floor.

“Thank you. I’ll take you for a tour if you want.” She stood a respectable distance from Lainey, even though she wanted to be holding her in her arms.

“I’d love that. Maybe after I’ve freshened up?” When Eve nodded, Lainey smiled. “Do you have a studio here as well?” She immediately regretted her question when Eve’s mood darkened. It only lasted a split second, but Lainey knew Eve. Very well.

“Do not apologize,” Eve said before Lainey could speak again. She knew Lainey. “It’s a perfectly normal question to ask me. And, yes. I do.”

“Eve, I should have been more sensitive . . . “

“Stop. Please, Lainey? I don’t want to think about not being able to paint. I just want to do what we came here for, and then spend the rest of our time showing you around Paris. I promised you this trip. We’re going to make the best of it.”

“You never told me how Adam reacted to me coming here with you.” Lainey grimaced when Eve’s eyes darkened again. Shit.

“If you want to talk about these things, can we at least do it while I’m drinking wine?”

“I’m sorry. And, I know you don’t want to hear that either,” Lainey sighed. She was nervous. It was ridiculous really. She and Eve had been together – alone – many times since they stopped sleeping with each other. They were both married, and Lainey knew nothing would happen while they were here in Paris. They had done the same in Italy. So, why did Lainey feel apprehensive?

“What were you just thinking about?” Eve caught the slight blush on Lainey’s cheeks. She had always thought it added to Lainey’s beauty, even though saying so always added to Lainey’s embarrassment.

“Nothing.” She watched as Eve raised her eyebrow and wondered if she said things that irritated Eve just to see that. “Really, Eve. If we’re going to talk about that I’m going to need more than wine.”

Both of Eve’s eyebrows rose at that. Could Lainey be feeling even a fraction of what she was feeling? Probably not a good thing to think about. Or know. Especially after everything that had been discovered in Eve’s last therapy session. Damn it! She didn’t want to be thinking of therapy or not being able to paint. If she were completely honest, all she wanted to focus on was being here with Lainey. Even if she had to play the part of a best friend instead of a lover. I don’t have to hold back in my dreams, Eve thought.

“Come on. I’ll show you to your room.” Without thinking, she placed a hand on the small of Lainey’s back. When she felt the slight tremble, she let her hand drop. “Sorry,” she muttered.

Lainey stopped before climbing the stairs. She laid her palm on Eve’s cheek and touched Eve’s bottom lip lightly with her thumb. “No apologies, Eve.” She turned then, leaving a stunned Eve stumbling to catch up with her.


They sat on the terrace, enjoying oysters and lobster, paired with an exquisite 2007 Bouchard Pere & Fils Chardonnay. Was it a wise choice? Probably not. Especially after Lainey totally floored her with whatever that ‘no apologies’ was before. Eve had spent the entire time in the shower – cold shower – trying to figure out if there were some hidden meaning behind it. This confusion thing was becoming all too familiar, and Eve wasn’t happy about that.

“What time will we be going to the gallery tomorrow?” Lainey chose a succulent piece of lobster, drizzled in a light, buttery sauce and popped it into her mouth. She managed to hold back a moan of complete bliss, but just barely.

“We’ll go early. That way we can have the rest of the day to explore.” Eve knew she shouldn’t do what she was about to do, but the urge was too difficult to resist. So, she reached over and brushed buttery sauce off the side of Lainey’s mouth with her thumb. Bringing her thumb to her own lips, she licked it clean.

“Eve. What are we doing?”

“I’m sorry.”

“I don’t want you to be sorry, honey. I just need to know what’s happening.” Lainey reluctantly pushed her food to the side. “Let’s talk about this.”

“Lainey. All I do anymore is talk.” Eve took a sip of her wine, almost wishing it was brandy. “It hurts.”

“What hurts? Talking?”

“Talking, feeling. Everything hurts.”

Lainey’s heart filled with compassion. She knew that therapy was going to be hard for Eve. She was a woman that wasn’t used to being open. And, now, that’s all she is asked to do. Regrettably, Lainey was about to ask her to be open with her.

“You’ve been a little different since your last session a couple of weeks ago. During our session together, you mentioned having a breakthrough. Is that what’s been bothering you?”

Eve stood and walked to the railing of the balcony. “What is it with you and trying to get me to talk?”

Lainey walked up behind Eve, close, but not touching her. “Honey, talking is the only way we’re going to figure anything out.”

Eve closed her eyes. For once, she just wanted to stop talking. All these emotions inside her were getting to be too overwhelming. Guilt, love, want, need. How much can one person hold before it becomes too much?


Eve turned, not expecting Lainey to be as close as she was. Before she could think, before she could stop herself, she kissed Lainey. Hard. She let every emotion she was feeling out in that kiss. And, when Lainey’s arms came around her neck, when she felt fingers fisting in her hair, all doubts left her mind. She wanted this. God help her, she needed this.

“Lainey.” Eve’s voice was hoarse with need. She touched Lainey’s cheek with her fingertips. She only said Lainey’s name, but the plea was loud and clear.






If she were able to think, Eve would have stopped this. She would have thought about Adam and Bella. She would have thought about Jack and the boys. But all she could think about was the woman she was leading up to her bedroom. Lainey. The woman that occupied her mind, her heart, even when she tried keeping her out.


Lainey willing walked through the door of Eve’s bedroom. She had a fleeting thought of Jack and Adam, an even longer thought of the boys and Bella. But in the end, Lainey knew what she wanted. And, right at this moment, it was Eve. Hell, it had been Eve for a while, as much as she hated to admit it. Lainey wondered where the ‘oh shit, what am I doing’ feeling was. Or, maybe that would happen later. For now, she was going to block everything out except what was happening right here, right now, with Eve. It would most likely end up being just a moment in Paris for Eve. But for Lainey, it was more.


“Are you okay?” Eve kept her voice quiet, not wanting to break the moment.


“Yes,” Lainey answered, as much to answer Eve’s question as to grant Eve permission once again to what she wanted. “Kiss me, Eve.”


Eve moaned softly and complied. The kiss was softer this time, slower. Their lips brushed together, and the familiarity hit Eve with a force she wasn’t prepared for. She had missed this so much, missed Lainey. Eve pulled back slightly, smiling when Lainey groaned in protest. It helped her confidence knowing Lainey wanted this as much as she did.


As she had done the first time they kissed, Eve licked Lainey’s lips from the bottom to the top. The move elicited a deep moan from Lainey, making Eve want more. She slipped her tongue inside Lainey’s mouth, reveling in the warmth of Lainey’s tongue against hers. She held Lainey closer, their bodies molded together. Eve could feel Lainey’s hardened nipples against her, even through their clothes. Clothes that had to go. And, soon.


“Take this off,” Lainey breathed, lifting the hem of Eve’s t-shirt as though she had just read Eve’s mind.


Eve leaned back and helped Lainey take the shirt off, chuckling slightly when Lainey tossed it over her shoulder.


“Now yours.” She was thankful Lainey was wearing simple clothes consisting of a t-shirt and yoga pants. She brought the shirt up, discarding it and Lainey’s bra in one swift motion.


“Well. That was convenient but unfair,” Lainey smirked.


“I’m sorry. Let me remedy that.” Eve reached behind her, unhooking her own bra, letting it slide off. Her eyes fluttered closed when Lainey brought her hands up to cup her breasts.


“I’ve missed you so much, Eve.”


Eve placed her hands over Lainey’s and squeezed. “I’ve missed you, too, baby.” She lowered her head to Lainey’s to kiss her again. She moved down, kissing Lainey's chin, then trailing her tongue down her neck. She loved how Lainey's skin tasted, how smooth it was against her wet tongue.


Eve’s hands slipped down Lainey's sides until her thumbs were hooked into Lainey's pants. When Eve hesitated, Lainey looked up at her. “Don’t stop.”

Eve sank to her knees, bringing Lainey's bottoms and panties down with her. She closed her eyes, drawing in a deep breath. Lainey's scent. God how she’d missed that. Eve wanted to bask in that scent, but the need to taste Lainey was quickly taking over.


“You’re so beautiful.” Lainey was smooth, pink and glistening with abundant wetness. And, Eve’s mouth watered. She looked up into Lainey's eyes. “May I taste you?”


Lainey's legs almost buckled at Eve’s question and the pure want in her eyes. “Yes.” She gripped Eve’s shoulder for balance, or maybe to keep from falling completely when Eve’s tongue touched her clit. “Jesus, Eve! I won’t be able to stand much longer with you doing that.”


Reluctantly, Eve stopped teasing long enough to guide Lainey to the bed. “Lay back and put your legs over my shoulders.”


Lainey did as she was instructed, letting out another guttural moan when Eve’s mouth found its way back to her. This was different, yet so familiar to Lainey. Eve used her talented mouth on her like she knew each and every secret erogenous spot Lainey had. It also felt as though Eve was searching, learning, and that feeling had Lainey dizzy with intense pleasure.


Eve sucked, licked and nibbled Lainey clit until she was grinding against her mouth. The feel of Lainey's hands in her hair, pulling her closer only increased Eve’s passion. She dipped her tongue inside Lainey, tasting her excitement fully.


“Mmm, so good,” she said against Lainey.


“Inside, Eve. Please. I need more, baby.”


Eve did what she was asked, slipping two fingers inside Lainey's velvety warmth. She almost came herself when Lainey contracted around her, gripping her fingers, and sucking them in even deeper. She pumped her fingers faster, bringing her mouth back to Lainey's clit. Eve could feel Lainey begin to throb against her tongue, and she sucked it in, bringing Lainey over the edge.


Lainey couldn’t remember the last time she had come this hard. The intensity of the orgasm had her crying out Eve’s name, loud and unapologetically, as she came in Eve’s mouth. “God!”


Frantically, Eve stripped the rest of her clothes off. Naked, she crawled up onto the bed with Lainey. They both moaned when their bodies touched for the first time in what seemed like forever. “Lainey.”


“Come here, baby.” Lainey situated her leg between Eve’s thighs, feeling the hot wetness coating her. “You’re so wet.”


“That’s what you do to me.” Eve began to move her body, grinding herself on Lainey. She needed to come, needed that release. But more than that, she needed Lainey. “Touch me.”


Lainey slipped her hand between them, finding Eve’s hardened clit. She began massaging her, circling her clit with two fingers, then pinching slightly. Eve jumped at the sensation and began moving faster.


“You’ve learned new moves,” Eve panted.


“I’ve been thinking about you a lot,” Lainey responded, slipping three fingers inside Eve. She smiled at the throaty groan that came from Eve. “And, I’ve been experimenting. On myself.”


“God!” The sensation of Lainey inside her, and thinking of Lainey masturbating, almost had Eve coming. But she controlled it long enough to get what she wanted. “Move your hand, baby.”


“But . . .” Lainey looked at Eve, and took her hand away, albeit with some reluctance. Lainey brought her fingers to her mouth and sucked them.


“My God, Lainey. You’re killing me. Spread your legs for me.” When Lainey obeyed, Eve planted herself between Lainey's thighs. “Open yourself to me.”


Lainey gasped, using the same hand coated with Eve’s wetness to open herself up. She watched as Eve did the same, then lower herself until their clits were touching.




“Move against me, baby. I want to come like this.”


“Yes!” Lainey moved her body, grinding her sex to Eve’s. Nothing came close to what this felt like. It was intimate, erotic and perfectly amazing. “I’m going to come again, Eve.”


“Please, baby. Come with me!” She couldn’t hold back anymore. “Lainey!”




The force of the orgasm sapped the strength out of Eve, and she collapsed onto Lainey. Their bodies were hot and sweaty, yet neither of them made an effort to move.


“That was incredible,” Eve murmured, her face buried in Lainey's hair.


“Beyond,” Lainey agreed. She stroked Eve’s back lovingly. It was her dreams coming to life. Deep down, she knew she should feel guilty about what they just did. But with Eve’s naked body on hers, she just couldn’t dig that deep to find it.


Eve kissed Lainey's neck. She was purposefully blocking everything else out of her mind, determined to make the most of this time she has with Lainey. Tomorrow. She would deal with the backlash tomorrow. Tonight was hers and Lainey's.


Eve would keep that thought in her head as she and Lainey made love until the morning sun began to rise.

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