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Fighting for Eve

An LA Lovers Book

The Evolution of Lainey Sumptor

Eve and Lainey Sumptor have faced many trials in their journey to one another. Now, after a long, hard road, they are both in a place where they can relax and enjoy themselves. They’re together, they’re deliriously happy, their kids are thriving, and the demons from the past are dead and buried. It’s time to embrace their life, ripe with domestic bliss, as it unfolds before them at last. Neither woman ever dreamt they could be so fulfilled.


But, the problem with demons is they are tricky things that don’t always stay gone…


When Eve is accused of murder, she and Lainey must fight harder than ever before. Eve’s freedom and the life they worked so hard for is in jeopardy. How far will Lainey go to prove that Eve is innocent? She’s not sure there are limits, not when it comes to the woman she loves.


The thrilling conclusion of the Eve Sumptor saga leads Lainey on a heart-pounding chase to clear Eve’s name. Suspenseful, sexy, and heartwarming, this series will have you scrambling to see what happens next.

Let's talk about Fighting for Eve! I literally just finished it! Ahhh, ALL THE FEELS. Where do I start?!

Nicole F

I SO thoroughly enjoyed this book! It takes you through the gauntlet of emotions, from giving me warm fuzzies at their relationship to complete rage and despair at how someone tries to destroy them. You do such an incredible job of telling the story of not only their life but all the friends and family that surround them!
Jude H

Wow!!!!!!! Couldn't put it down!!!


Oh my, I loved the book. 10 stars for it. Not 5. Was well written and so thrilling.

Angela M

...I read the whole thing in a couple of days and it was amazing. ...It was a beautiful journey and a wild ride at the same time. If all lesfic was like this I would literally read my life away.

Veronica K

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