Coming To




Two young lovers, brutally torn apart just as they found their way to each other.
Will their budding love be enough to overcome the pain of the past and the challenges of the future?

Dani Reed was an outsider. She was no stranger to being different and had been bullied most of her life for it. After the loss of her father, the only person in Dani's life that made her feel loved was the one person she thought she could never have. Her best friend Claire.

Claire Oliver was popular, smart . . . and miserable. Seeing her best friend Dani bullied every day, Claire never dared to be open and carefree. However, Claire's growing feelings for Dani made it impossible to keep pretending. A moment of love, clarity, and bravery lead the two down a path neither could have imagined or prepared for.

Two years after being forced apart, the young women find their way back to each other against all the odds. But so much had changed. Has the separation strengthened their bond? Or has their love been irrevocably damaged?

As usual, well done! You tell a good tale, and you tell it well...I loved it.

Jim McClarin

A heartfelt reminder of first love, heartache, and redemption.

Karen Busey

Ms. Kelly has written a new story about young love that tore at my heartstrings, but still managed to bring happiness to my heart. How the young couple crosses paths with some of our favorite characters from the LA Lover series makes it that much more enjoyable! Young love is the focus, but how that love is forced to fight to survive against all odds is what makes this story so special and intriguing. Each of the LA Lovers stories have captured my heart in some way, and Coming To definitely continues that trend for this reader (and huge fan) of Ms. Jourdyn Kelly.

Lisa Holt

Another winner from Ms. Kelly. Young love at it's very best!

Janice Cr


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