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The Truth About Eve - First Fifteen - Tessa Stavers
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The Truth About Eve




Eve Sumptor is back. This time she is facing her toughest opponent yet. Herself.

After a passionate affair, Eve Sumptor and Lainey Stanton had difficult choices to make. One chose fear, the other gave in to guilt. As the consequences of those decisions begin to come to light, both women must find a new direction.


Will their paths once again come together?

Or have they missed their chance?

You met Eve and Lainey in Something About Eve. You watched them suffer in Flawed Perfection. You've followed Eve's therapy sessions online. Now, see where every decision leads the two women. Were they meant to be together? Or will life keep tearing them apart?

*Intended for 18+ audience due to mature content.
*This book contains scenes that may be a trigger to some people.

If you've read The Truth About Eve and want "Just one more chapter", you can now read "You're Invited". I urge you to read The Truth About Eve and Becoming first to avoid any spoilers!

This is the book we've all been waiting for with bated breath - the next part of the Eve and Lainey story. It is well worth the wait!! A tremendous amount of talent and polish went into writing this story. Do yourself a favor and enjoy this wonderful book!

Janice Cr

If you loved the previous books in the series, you will LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this book!! 'The Truth About Eve' will take you on a fascinating and intense journey of an intricate woman with complex relationships. You will not be disappointed!!

Vanessa Mac

The women we love are back and this time, they take us on a new journey of emotion and discovery. Will they end up in one another's arms or the arms of regret? A beautiful story that was years in the making and worth every day of waiting.

Karen Busey

You will want to read this book from start to finish without putting it down! Yes, it is that good!!! Eve continues to mesmerize us in a heartwarming story that will make you overflow with emotions. Be ready for the laughs and tears.

Jeyzel Rossi



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