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LA Lovers - The Short Stories Vol. TWO

An LA Lovers Book

The Short Stories volume TWO is finally here!

The LA Lovers ladies have been through quite a bit! This volume is full of lighthearted holiday moments as well as some deep conversations. With each short story, you learn more about the women you’ve fallen in love with!

Also included are two bonus stories with brand new characters! Until now, these stories have only been available on my Patreon. I’m excited to introduce these new stories to you! I hope you enjoy The Short Stories Volume Two!

I loved this Volume Two addition to LA Lovers. Exciting to see the gang back and catch up with a little something special going on in each couples lives. Jourdyn Kelly is still giving us what we crave within the LA Lovers community. 

Gina - Amazon

I love the LA Lovers characters and these stories are a great addition to the series. There is never enough glimpses into the lives of Eve and Lainey, Ellie and Hunter, Rebecca and Cassidy, and the rest of the “family”. Plus there are two bonus stories outside the LA Lovers. You won’t be disappointed.
Blondierph - Amazon

As I have read all your books, you have surpassed yourself again. I read LA Lovers volume 2 and really enjoyed reading the book. Keep up the great work, add I am looking forward to reading Undoing.


Wow, this was a surprise while looking through recent releases. So great to be back with what feels like old friends again. It’s nice to catch up with everyone’s lives as well as new people in the bonus section.
I can’t wait for the Becoming Sequel, that book is amazing and has my whole heart. I guess I better prepare to have it ripped to pieces. Again!

Deb Hall - Amazon

What a great series this is and the short stories are so very good. Hoping for Vol 3.

Springa - Amazon

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